Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NYC By Night, April 2010

We spent an amazing few days in New York City this April. Of course we did lots and lots of walking and picture taking and eating, as well as a visit to the theatre, the Guggenheim, and the International Center of Photography where a very strange Tichy show was on display. One afternoon we headed out to Brooklyn to see our new friend, the amazing sculptor Leonardo Drew at work in his studio, and also had an adventurous tour around a cemetery in which rests the soul of Houdini. Later that night we caught up with my dear friend Cedric who led us to some lovely hipster bars in Brooklyn which might explain my not so brilliant night shots of the Brooklyn Bridge from the cab ride home. It was a very wonderful few days. Daytime shots coming up next.


alexa @ Alexa's Photography said...

Love these :) It reminds me of our school trip to NYC when you and I practiced shooting from the hip, haha. Good times.

Harvey said...

you are awesome.