Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holy GHOST, the Ladies Love These Guys!

Holy Ghost Tent Revival is a pretty big deal around here. We've had the good fortune of seeing these guys numerous times live (as well as hearing them play in our Kitchen) and I can honestly say, with complete confidence, they're gonna be big. Huge, perhaps.

Insanely talented, fun-loving, inspired, easy on the eyes, Holy Ghost puts on a live show that has more energy than you can begin to fathom. Even if you are 20. And the ladies (young and old) love them something fierce. Within minutes of them starting their set there is always dancing. A lot of it. Singles, couples, kids, anyone within ear shot feels the need to dance it on out.

It's important to add that these are all genuinely nice guys. Friendly, down to earth and willing to do things like record a score for free for our most recent 48 Hour Film. So it is with great excitement that I post some pictures of them that I think finally do them justice. I've shot these guys in a lot of dark, smoky bars and it took this outdoor show with these beautiful women (and a train) to really bring out the Holy spirit. If you know what I mean. Rock it out, fellas.


Anonymous said...

Carloyn, great job!! I think you've done the best at capturing these gifted young men. Yes, they will be huge.

Pam in Dayton

de Berry Photography said...

Thanks so much, Pam. They are always a delight.