Monday, May 25, 2009

People I've Met

More and more recently I've realized that I really love shooting people despite whatever past thoughts I might have had to the contrary. Whether it's friends or complete strangers or somewhere in between, it's an ongoing challenge full of uncertainty, trepidation, awkwardness and sometimes fear. At the same time, the instant relationship that is developed between photographers and their subjects is a very interesting and rewarding thing, indeed.

The photos here have all been taken in the last few months. Some are close friends, some are complete strangers, but all were kind enough to not run away when I got right in their face with my camera. They were taken in all sorts of settings from a temporary homeless shelter, to a swanky art museum party to our backyard. As always, it is a reminder that people are just people regardless of whether they're rock stars, art dealers or just someone hoping to get back on their feet.

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