Sunday, February 17, 2008

Penguin Exuberance

Chuck's assignment this week for our Advertising class was to create an iconic image that represents who we are as photographers and then use it to design a business card and post card in InDesign. Iconic image in a week? InDesign? Are they kidding here at RCC? No, actually, but somehow we all managed to pull it off. I am the first to admit my lack of design skills and would definitely use a professional for this sort of thing.

Shot on Nikon D2X
f 4.5 1/250
iso 400

To find out more about why this man is wearing a penguin suit check out Good times in Greensboro!

1 comment:

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

Haha this picture is so interesting. I like being clueless. You have a knack at creating images with a mysterious story. I like seeing your pictures, because I never know what they will depict. If you made a book, I would buy it.