Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fashion in Greensboro

This is my wonderful friend Lauren who was kind enough to model for me on a 95 degree day in Greensboro. Not only is she beautiful, but Lauren has a fun personality and an impeccable sense of style which made my job easier than it might have been otherwise. Our assignment was to produce ten photos for an aspiring model's portfolio showing a variety of warrobe changes and locations. It was somewhat insane in the limited time we had, but in the end was lots of fun and actually reminded me that even as lowly second year photography students, we might be capable of more than we think.


Lucy said...

These are really beautiful, Carolyn! My favorite is the first one with that natural window light. Good job!

Octavio Jones Photography said...

I thought I was the fashion photographer this is nice Carolyn. Now I have competition, lol

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

I really liked your series. They were so sophisticated with the fashion and the style and the pretty model. This was certainly not an easy assignment, but you did a great job.