Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snow, Glorious Snow

As we bid adieu to winter and welcome in longer days and shorter hemlines, I wanted to share a few photos from this amazing record-breaking winter we've just been through.   "Winter weather events" are close to my heart and I'm always excited when snow is in our forecast here in NC.  Unfortunately for my home state of CT (represented in every photo here except for the last one) this year brought way more than their fair share.   In the few days I visited at the end of January, roofs were collapsing, a snow plow hit a gas line which caused a terrible house fire,  "Meals on Wheels" and other important city services were shut down, and even trying to get out of one's driveway could be hazardous.    That said, my New England people are a hearty bunch and look out for their neighbors, so somehow they always muddle through.
The last photo was taken the morning after Christmas Day, here in Greensboro, where we had a beautiful white Christmas and several snowstorms, the likes of which were so mild and gentle in comparison, we dare not mention them to our friends in the North.

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