Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Martha Bassett

Martha Bassett is one fine lady. I've admired her music and her mega-watt smile since I first heard her play with Bruce Piephoff a couple of years ago. Martha's doing all sorts of touring and collaborating and is in the midst of releasing two albums. When she called me last June to see if I would take some photos of her, I jumped at the chance.

Martha admitted to me that she hates having her picture taken and was sort of dreading the whole experience. I was surprised to hear this considering her obvious beauty and ability to stand in front of large crowds of people and perform every night, but it is a feeling I am very well acquainted with myself. So, I did my best to make it relatively painless and Martha was as gracious and good-humored as that smile conveys.

I should add that Martha was one of the first musicians to brave Harvey's Kitchen and we are very thankful for artists like her who trusted us before anyone had any clue what we might be up to! The Martha Bassett Band will be playing on October 2nd in Greensboro as part of the first ever Save the Monkeywhale Festival! Come on down for lots o' fun and great music.


Kristen said...

Girl these photos are amazing. I especially love that first one, but how cool with the wedding photography going on. The RR tracks downtown are what's happenin.

de Berry Photography said...

Thanks so much Kristen! It was lots o' fun as you might imagine.

Jessica Benton said...

This cracks me up, with the wedding photography :)... Martha looks so cute in these photos. I love her smile. I love how you put her in that window thing with her guitar.