Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teamwork, Yo

Two of us at Monkeywhale Productions have had the good fortune of joining up with Mark Wagoner Productions in the last couple weeks for two fun shoots. The shots above are from a lovely piece coming soon from Mark. I hesitate to give too much away at this point except to say that yes, we did drop the camera off the bridge. A couple of times. When you got it, you got it folks!
The stunning shots below were taken by me during a music video shoot for Irata. (Please keep in mind I was often holding lights and sometimes shivering while taking these shots). Smoke machines, creepy woods, models, rock stars, cold temperatures and sometimes a bit of wind: you name it, we had it. Fun stuff and a very nice crew, I might add.

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J. Welch said...

ya know, i didn't realize you knew the irata guys. jon (bass) was my first roommate when i moved away from home. scary, i know.