Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary Does Guilford

Hillary Clinton came to Guilford College on Friday, just four days shy of North Carolina's Democratic Primary. Many of the Guilfordians seemed surprised that she would come to this seemingly Obama smitten campus and a few mellow anarchists set up their protest signs by the long line around the athletic center. Whether Clinton effectively won over any voters remains to be seen, but she was greeted warmly and enthusiastically by the crowd who were most impressed to hear that Chelsea's high school mascots were the Fighting Quakers as well. Also, she might just end up being our first female President. Here are too many shots from the afternoon.


newwaytowrite said...

I love these candid shots of hopefully who will be your next President. I am Canadian but same old is same old in politics. I am counting on US Americans to go to the polls this November and show me that the last two federal US elections was just a bad dream.

Ashley Garner said...

hillary clinton is the happiest friggin lady ever