Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Greensboro!

Greensboro celebrated it's 200th birthday Saturday with all sorts of craziness. The day started with an archaeological dig in Aycock historical neighborhood and ended, well for some of us, at a certain backyard extravaganza also in Aycock neighborhood. (Those photos to follow). In between, tons of people came downtown for music, bubbles, people watching, cupcakes, clowns, and Clydesdales. Mayor Yvonne Johnson was on hand to cut the first ceremonial piece of birthday cake. Even Miss North Carolina came out for this one.


Sagen Kime said...

Thanks! I've been checking out your blog regularly and I've been thinking the same thing of your work. Although it looks more PJ than Commercial! Are you thinking of switching to the dark side?

de Berry Photography said...

Oh, you know.... wherever opportunity strikes!

Christy Bullins said...

hey! That's Julie! I didn't know she was Miss NC haha. I graduated hs with her and our moms were best friends in high school when they went to high school way back when.. small world. haha