Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family Jewels

Shooting jewelry on large format cameras with chrome ain't easy, folks. This was my third attempt. Our assignment for Advertising Photography was to shoot jewelry close-up and make it "dazzling". This necklace belonged to my aunt and maybe my grandmother before that so I hope I did it justice.

Set up involved two Broncolors (one with a grid and one with a snoot), a black panel for the background and lots and lots of time (and barely enough patience).

Shot on Sinar 4x 5
Fuji Provia
iso 100
f8 1/125


Christy Bullins said...

I like this too...oh wait...I forgot...I like all your photos!

Jessica M. Benton said...

You did a wonderful job with this jewelry assignment. I know you had to re-shoot many times, but that is what it takes to get an image as nice as this. I like that the jewelry means something to you. Beautiful.