Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Desserts

Our first Commercial assignment this semester was to create an appetizing photo of a dessert that gave a sense of place and time. We all quickly learned how crucial yet difficult composition and styling can be in these shots. My set-up was very basic. I used one Broncolor shot through a large diffusion screen off to the back left of the shot and a fill card on the right side. The white panel created a bright background.

Shot on Leaf Aptus
Mamiya RB 645
f11 1/8


Robert Howington said...

Great job Carolyn. I think this was executed very well. The textures are very welcoming, as well as the lighting. I like the sharpness of the napkin the bowl is on also.

Angie Hoffman said...

Very nice composition. Looks yummy and the colors are nice.

Kathryn Lawson said...

Great dessert shot. Your lighting really makes it yummy and moist.