Monday, November 26, 2007

Garnish is Good For You

This shot was for a final self-promo assignment this semester. I wanted to do a sort of non-food food shot. I was hoping to emphasize how people (especially Americans) often eat everything on their entire plate, but leave the garnish untouched. The lighting may leave a bit to be desired, but this is actually pretty close to how I visualized it.

Shot on Mamiya RZ67 w/ Sinar back
f4 @ 1/8
one broncolor with softbox


Jessey Dearing said...

I really like this de Berry, not only can I always rely on your blog to be updated, but it's always something really interesting and great. Hope the north is treating you well, it was 70 degrees today in Charleston, keep being awesome!

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

I like the idea behind this shot a lot. It is very simple in its arrangement, with nice muted colors for everything but the garnish. It is a wonderfully odd observation. I think you should do a series highlighting similar quirks. I would enjoy seeing such a series.