Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maine Evening

I shot this over our August break in our house in Maine. The summer light always pours through the kitchen window in the early evening and is quite a sight to behold. I'm not sure I really captured it here, but in the larger version (for some reason) you can see the color a bit better.

Shot on Nikon D1H
f 6.3 1/25
ISO 200


Christy Bullins said...

Nice lighting Carolyn! I am still jealous you were in Maine. I like how natural it is, with the way you did the shot and composition.

Ashley Ross said...

I enlarged this and I see what you're talking about-the light feels comforting. You have negative space, and thoughtful composition-there are several elements to this photo even though the setup is simple. Also, you need to come back because I miss you!